Hello! We're the Sharp family and we have owned the apartment in Avoriaz since 2005.

Melinda: The Mother Ship. Also goes by the name of mountain goat, or MG. Loves being outside, hates being inside. Obsessed with walking - 10,000 steps a day is the absolute minimum. Brilliant cook. Much better at skiing than she thinks she is. Chalet host. Big hair.

Jonty: Oldest child and grumpy old bloke. Rants a lot (especially on Twitter). Reasonable skier (worse than he thinks he is). Novice surfer (for 40 years). Rubbish snowboarder. Flex on the decks (DJ Phat Dad). Poor role model. Chalet host. No hair.

Pippa: Big sis and mother to two GORGEOUS gals. Nurse. Runs a business (Enfys). Graceful skier. Cries a lot if her father takes her down a 'difficult' slope (red). Used to pose a lot, especially on skis or a surfboard. Technically no longer a Sharp as she's married. Normal 'girlie' hair.

Ollie: More charisma than is good for him. Put him in a small town in the Philippines and everyone will know him within a day. Mostly arms and legs. Loud, especially in enclosed spaces. Dangerous snowboarder. Surf instructor. DJ (Marisco Club, Woolacombe, Bubble Bar, Courchevel). Cool hair.

Ted: Cool, calm and thoughtful. Currently in a serious relationship with maths. Parents have no idea what he's talking about most of the time. Fitter than is good for him (or us). Excellent cook. Obsessed with surfing and skiing, especially the park. Ski instructor (BASI 2). DJ (Marisco Club). Kind of surfy, mathy hair.